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We are a predictive analytics platform providing marketing intelligence to B2B companies. Our SaaS platform with turnkey approach can be easily implemented into existing business processes to help you predict the deep, data driven insights about prospective customers & competitors. Built on top of massive commercial datasets with more than 80m records (and adding 18m words each day), Maroon allows for an intuitive and efficient qualification of your business to find the prospects most likely to engage & generate high quality net new leads while enriching your CRM/ SFA data.

  • SaaS based with turnkey
  • Data driven insights with net new leads
  • Enriched CRM/SFA data
  • Predictive actionable insights for marketing funnel

  • Ideal Customer profile identification
  • Existing CRM integrations
  • Maroon automated sales qualification (MASQ™)
  • Customized view through dashboards

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Predictive marketing insights
Learn deep insights about your prospects and competitors before they become public knowledge. Information such as company data, people data, best targeting strategies, content initiatives, keywords, product performances, market indicators, account based marketing strategies etc. Advanced crawling and mining brings all this information real time and configured as per your preference. What’s more the dashboard comes with pre configured views for specialized views such as SDRs, AE’s, SCM/ SEO, CMO, CEO etc.
Targeting Market Intelligence
Leveraging our vast internal commercial data sources and accurate commercial insights to identify a combination of behavioral, contextual and firmographic data from across the business internet to build and prioritize a list of your highest
value target accounts. And also leverage our insights to drive multiple level of personalization at both individual and account level. Explore the power the targeted marketing with personalized views not just through content but also through web and app experiences. Achieve significant higher open/ click
through rates for your campaigns with Maroon helping you through the entire process.
Intelligent business qualification
One of the key differentiators that Maroon offers its customers is access highly accurate and vast internal commercial datasets. These datasets are human edited and hence offer very high degree of accuracy for the information that it holds. The confidence Maroon derives from having this asset is reflected through a very intelligent and automated business qualification
process by which the tool identifies your peer, prospect, target and market segments by applying relational logic with its internal data. Hence the accuracy of all customized reporting and analytics is so much better and enriching. Try Maroon to experience the difference it makes to your Sales and Marketing Process.
Real time and accurate
Get a peak into your prospects and competitors in real time. Maroon provides you with access to rolled up trends as well as drilled down content, article level details which provide you specifics. It is easy to provision running historical data and reports and finding interesting performance insights. Our dashbaords are supported anytime, anywhere and also integrate with your existing CRMs* with our API. Role based custom views such CMO, CEO, SEO, SCM are also supported along with advanced listing and sorting options. And Maroon also makes scheduling of custom reports possible through advanced insights feature. Give us a try….
Highly configurable yet easy to use for the whole team. A robust backend magicbox™ engine allows precise identification of patterns with any amount of granularity as required. Marketing teams can use this golden source of information, organizing campaigns that more precisely target the right audience, and gain a better understanding of which initiatives generate the greatest revenue. Easily sharable with your team and offering great visualization that helps you cut through all the junk and only focus on likely triggers that should be top on your radar.
Integrations (WIP*)
Integrate Maroon into your existing marketing engine for far-reaching benefits. We provide our partners with open API approach that vastly reduces the integration costs. With our integration suite you have data delivered directly into your marketing and sales flow and hence eliminating and duplication, manual uploading and downloading of data files across systems. Bi directional integrations also allow for Magicbox™ BI to run on the fly analytics on structured data flowing from your existing LMS, CRM infrastructures to throw deep signals and insights that help you further. Call it double whammy
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Transform your company’s sales and marketing systems with predictive insights from Maroon. To throw some statistics of what we are capable of, talk to us for more fun facts.

18M Words crawled each day
10x Faster than a relational database
80% Of leads enriched with insights
44% Higher conversions achieved

Technology that Drives Maroon

The backbone of our invention is state of the art technology. One that allows us to analyze megabytes of information in seconds, creates artificial clusters to save storage space, performs advanced scaling and algorithms on millions of records.
Single Interface
All your marketing insights accessible from a single platform with capabilities of customizations based on roles of the individual. Maroon allows you to access all targeted marketing insights, content insights (pre and post publication), market indicators etc.
Advanced Analytics
Maroon uses column based databases that easily integrates crawled data sources, with built-in statistical techniques for profiling, clustering, forecasting, classifying, natural language processing and correlations. To bring out the all buyer signals possible.
Rapid data mining
Through our proprietary clustering technology, primary data mining on unstructured data occurs prior to data storage, hence eliminating the need for quering relational databases. This saves a lot of time as well as increases efficiency of the system vastly.
Open APIs
We provide open APIs that help us integrate our data directly into your lead management platform. Our vision is to be able to achieve plug and play integration capabilities with approximate 99% of interoperable data to maximize value for our customers.
Data Clustering
The feature that makes maroon the most awesome market intelligence product, is the ability of the product to create cache level clusters of unstructured data and conduct primary mining on information that allows us to discard 90% noise even before hitting our databases.
Customizable BI
With 3rd party engines we provide very tight and yet visually stunning dashboards that bring you information “just in time”. Our widgets based interface allows you to business user to further add customization to role based BI that is hardwired into Maroon.
Data Scraping
With capabilities that perform real time and extensive scrapping of open sites, our scraping engines are at the heart of the data assimilation process. We leverage both structured (internal) and unstructured (external) data for driving accuracy of our insights.
Artificial Intelligence
We use proprietary AI capabilities such as NLP, pixel search, image search on processing our datasets reveal very interesting correlations between prospects, peers and markets. And with focus only on actionable insights that are ripe for usage.

Why is Maroon a big deal ?

When up to 85% of data relevant to your business exists in the form of unstructured data, and almost 93% of large enterprises view data analytics as positively impacting their businesses. Its no science !!
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