ABM Assistance for Hypertargeting

With more personalization, you stand out more. Maroon’s ABM assistance lets you identify the key decision makers in the discovered target accounts like the back of your hand. So you target your key accounts with messages they have been waiting to hear. Maroon not only helps you engage the decision makers with the message they best resonate with but also provides holistic solutions with an omnichannel strategy for hyper-targeting to help you engage, convert, close, measure progress and get maximum returns on marketing efforts.

Identify target accounts & decision makers
Identify the key decision makers & influencers in the selected target accounts with the help of Maroon's predictive engine & sales & marketing alignment to streamline the marketing effort & yield maximum return.
More meaningful communications
Present a blended experience for your identified decision makers & influencers at every stage of the funnel with personalized campaigns & communication across channels to establish a connect & get a 10x increase in the campaign ROI.
Hyper-targeting through omnichannel
Amplify your ABM strategy with an omnichannel strategy to hyper-target the identified accounts across channels with the tools like website personalization, display ads(cookie & IP), direct mail, video marketing, content marketing etc.
Increase in pipeline velocity 40%
Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities 25%
Reduced churn rate 40%
Increase in qualified lead to sales 50%

AI predicts the future, Maroon helps you create it.