Maroon is a SaaS product for enterprise demand generation and revenue success. It applies the concepts of predictive analytics to discover deep buyer context, fit modeling and discovering net new accounts and insights. Maroon comes with 100% transparent and value-based pricing options with a risk-free trial.

With MASQTM our models behave like your research analyst

Our algorithms allow for multidimensional data extraction, non-linear context discovery, and enrichment with 10,000+ additional attributes.

Internal and 2nd Party

  • CRM Data Sources
    • Deal Velocity
    • Accounts information
    • Account Success KPIs
  • Marketing Automation
    • Email Stats
    • Channel Stats
    • Campaign Stats
  • 2nd Party Data
    • Website analytics
    • Content sources
    • Social handles

External Data Sources

  • Firmographics
  • Financials
  • Technographics
  • Human Resources
  • People related info


  1. Prediction analytics
  2. Profile enrichment
  3. Data cleansing

Scored/ Enriched Leads

Name:John Doe

Company:Good ABC Corp

Phone:484 (620) 4049

Maroon Data
  • Customer Fit
  • Ready to Buy
  • Upsell
  • Churn Potential

No manual lead scoring rules

Rule-based lead scoring fails to account for up to 64% of buyer intent which is available externally and through classification.

Rule based scoring approach

Too hard to maintain. Guesses, not
based on data.

  • Visitor activity
  • Requested e-book
  • Unsubscribed from notifications
  • Lead Title
  • Good Target Industry
  • Personal Email
  • QQ Account up

Maroon's Predictive approach

Comprehensive score with behavioral,
fit, and classification models.

  1. Customer data
  2. Maroon
    Context Discovery
  3. Predictive scoring & enriched accounts/leads

Technology that Drives Maroon

Single Interface
All your marketing insights accessible from a single customizable platform. Maroon allows you to access all targeted marketing insights, content insights (pre & post publication), market indicators etc.
Data Aggregation
Maroon uses column based databases that easily integrates web scrapped data, with built-in statistical techniques for profiling, clustering, forecasting, classifying, natural language processing and correlations.
Rapid data mining
Through our proprietary clustering algorithms, primary data mining on internal data occurs through a multi-threaded system, hence making it possible for MASQ™ to execute at a near real time.
Open APIs
We provide open APIs that help us integrate our data directly into your lead management platform. Our vision is to be able to achieve plug and play capabilities with approximate 90% of interoperable.
Data Classification
Maroon’s ability to create cache level clusters of web scrapped unstructured data and conduct initial analysis on the virtual data lake. This enables for noise filtering without any storage layer.
Customizable BI
With 3rd party integrations we provide tight & visually stunning dashboards to bring you information “just in time”. Our interface allows you to further add customization to role based BI that is hardwired into Maroon.
Web Scraping
We perform extensive scrapping of open sites; our scraping engines are at the heart of the data assimilation process. We leverage a host of 3rd party partnerships to enhance our proprietary datasets.
Artificial Intelligence
We use proprietary algorithms built on concepts of NLP, graph databases, decision trees and time series for modeling and with MASQ™’s inbuilt domain knowledge the product behaves like a virtual analyst.