Our credit decisioning and assessment platform

Covers all the steps involved in making faster, better informed credit decisions through a holistic and consistent assessment of risk. Our solution also enables lenders to underwrite more profitable transactions while increasing operational efficiency focusing on VaR and preventing FPDs.

Annual 22m profitability increase with Maroon’s credit monitoring solution

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Compliance management

Leverage our data platform that is persistent and built on NOSQL and GraphQL to ingest all aggregated data feeds. Automatically assigning logical flows to data feeds that until now were just unusable data points

Achieve 100% compliance through precise explanations of how decisions were made and their outcomes though historical data management and document trails.

  • Merchant of record system
  • Achieve compliance to any global and local regulations related to lending
  • Maintain a complete trail of all base, derived and predictive data
  • Leverage data and insights for boosting your MI capabilities

Maroon’s API friendly integrations are almost plug-n-play

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