Our credit decisioning and assessment platform

Covers all the steps involved in making faster, better informed credit decisions through a holistic and consistent assessment of risk. Our solution also enables lenders to underwrite more profitable transactions while increasing operational efficiency focusing on VaR and preventing FPDs.

Annual 22m profitability increase with Maroon’s credit monitoring solution

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Credit scores and desired credit limits

Experience the unrivalled potential of our AI-backed MARQ-score and step up your risk management capabilities. Our unique credit score functionality allows users to more accurately assess the creditworthiness of small and medium business across all geographies by automating everything that a credit analyst looks at.

We assess structured and unstructured data, such as financials, firmographics, technographics, corporate governance and macroeconomic outlook along with app data and credit bureau feeds to provide a more holistic credit assessment.

Our models are known for their versatility and scalability. Our models leverage the best of logistic regression, ensemble, decision trees, random forest and other deep learning techniques.

We provide a comprehensive risk assessment including a real time credit score, first payment default probability index, desired credit limit, loss given default and proprietary bond rating equivalent, a risk benchmark from peer group companies by region and NAICS codes.

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