Proactively track borrower credit quality and prevent defaults

with our models that cover the full spectrum of credit risk. Control and proactively decision on risk and maintain a healthly VaR across portfolios leveraging our turnkey models built for your industry. Create custom case templates and automatically trigger notifications and actions.

Credit assessment success using MARQTM engine

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Track real time credit quality

MARQTM (Maroon Automated Risk Qualification) is an end to end credit monitoring solution enabling lender to manage all aspect of the credit risk, build forecasting, benchmarking and assess portfolio/ account performance.

  • Customizable visualization and reporting engine built for the credit analyst, senior executives and compliance teams
  • Scalable models to provide comprehensive credit ratings, insights and vital statistics to accurate estimate the health of your account and portfolio
  • Assess model performance and PD prediction through built-in measure stats.
  • Set active notifications and alert mechanism from the dashboard to ensure timely action on high strike accounts
  • Document and validate all insights and actions for future compliance and audit requirements

Learn about our risk prioritization strategies backed by leading credit underwriters

  • Open architecture incorporating a NOSQL data hub
  • Turnkey identity resolution algo’s handling all account related identity scenarios
  • Scalable processing hub with deep learning models and analyst risk prioritization capabilities
  • Visualize and active notifications

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