Proactively track borrower credit quality and prevent defaults

with our models that cover the full spectrum of credit risk. Control and proactively decision on risk and maintain a healthly VaR across portfolios leveraging our turnkey models built for your industry. Create custom case templates and automatically trigger notifications and actions.

Credit assessment success using MARQTM engine

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Predictive insights and reporting

MARQTM (Maroon automated Risk Qualification) incorporates 3 levels of insight sources that provide a credit analyst with all the tool to make effective credit decisions from a single interface

  • Credit rating – Predict probability of default using Maroon’s account credit rating. Deep learning on historical data provides a high confidence level of model performance
  • VaR Grade – Leverage custom VaR grade built as proportionality utilization, age, transactions and credit ratings. An all-inclusive determinant value for account health
  • Derived insights – Machine generated insights from mining millions of data points in internal and external data sets to narrow down 42 risk indicators prioritized by impact and recency.

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  • Open architecture incorporating a NOSQL data hub
  • Turnkey identity resolution algo’s handling all account related identity scenarios
  • Scalable processing hub with deep learning models and analyst risk prioritization capabilities
  • Visualize and active notifications

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