A comprehensive risk decisioning and monitoring solution for commercial lenders

We enable commercial lenders globally to accurately assess the application creditworthiness and manage customer risk by deploying powerful, compliant credit models in an integration friendly platform that:

  • Credit scoring and insights using MARQTM
  • Data aggregation and unification – Maroon data cloud
  • Credit monitoring, workflows, advanced analytics

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Why Choose Maroon

Deep Context Discovery

360 degree and multidimensional internal data view leading to deep context discovery on your target buyer.

Bolt on Integrations

Embed the power of predictive analytics & data directly to existing workflows of your current Salesforce automation & Market automation products.

Increases pipeline velocity by 30%

Accelerate your sales & marketing funnel velocity to achieve up to 30% higher lead to revenue ratio.


Over 12,000 + data signals & attributes added from external data to generate deep and actionable insights.

Security and Trust

Internal data scrambling, virtual data layer, DSCI certified DPI protocols, SSL validations to ensure your data is always safe.

Unique customized domain for all

Seamless and private experience through customized subdomains for each customer with multiple access control options.

AMB Assist
Net New Accounts
Predective Scoring
Net New Accounts
Lead Enrichment
Omnichannel Marketing
Predictive Scoring
ABM Assist
Predictive Insights

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