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Scoring & Enrichment

What does Scoring & Enrichment mean?


The information in your CRM is limited by the scope of lead interactions, behaviour and activities in the realm of your automation system. Maroon’s additional data signals augment the existing datasets to help arrive at a newly improved score based on social presence, company size, technology choices and buying behaviour, expanding insights well beyond the CRM’s reach.


It is crucial in filling up data voids by providing complementing insights into a prospect’s needs, interests, and intent and combining data from unstructured information culled from the open and social web enhancing the ability of a scoring mechanism to perform logical segmentation, directing you to your best sales opportunities.


How does Scoring & Enrichment work?

  • Maroon integrates, mines & analyzes internal data existing in your market automation, sales force automation, and analytics platforms.
  • Every packet of customer data is then compared & infused with more than 10,000 external signals & attributes indicating a prospects interest, intent, social presence, digital footprints, firmographics, web technologies, business attributes, contact info, news, events, activities & more.
  • Proven predictive models applied to internal and external datasets which can fish out the deepest and most obstinate buyer signals through non-linear machine learning technologies.
  • Statistically proven models predicting opportunity scores for each prospect across the product portfolio. Maroon scores allow marketers to identify top prospects from the clutter.
  • These scores are embedded back to your CRM & Market automation tools.


How does Scoring & Enrichment add value?

  • Maroon’s predictive scores are directly embedded in the marketing workflows of your market automation tools which helps you to hyper-target the prospects most likely to convert with the personalized messages & content that resonates with them on various channels to achieve higher marketing ROI & shorter sales cycle.
  • Maroon’s predictive scores can help the sales team to effectively prioritize the leads most likely to convert resulting in higher sales efficiencies & focusing on the leads that matter.
  • Maroon’s enrichment can help the sales team to identify real-time intent information which can provide actionable insights to the sales personnel to close the opportunities better.
  • Maroon’s predictive score & enrichment helps to identify the cross-sell opportunities among your success determining the attributes, signals for portfolio specific lifts in success.
  • Drive ABM campaigns & hyper-target your named accounts with personalized targeted campaigns omnichannel with identified personas, attributes & signals within your market automation tools.
  • Maroon’s predictive engine will score, enrich and prioritize your inbound with 10,000+ business attributes about your prospects which helps you to score and enrich your inbound to only chase prospects who are likely to buy.


What does Activity Tab on Scoring & Enrichment Page define?

Activity tab helps you identify the past engagements. & interactions((web,email,social etc)  , news ,activities & events and any surge information about the selected prospect.



What does Validation Tab on Scoring & Enrichment Page define?

Validation tab helps you to validate the Maroon Score defined for a particular account for a specific portfolio by providing the quantifiable  attributes that have positive & negative impact in determining that Maroon score.

  • Leverage deep learning techniques to identify attribute lifts on prospects.
  • We track over 8000 attributes about B2B companies. Mainly around
    • Firmographics: Regions/ sectors/ sub sectors/ growth/ headcount/ branch offices/ area codes etc
    • Financials: Revenues/ profits/ divisional budgets/ salary ranges etc
    • Technographics: Enterprise products/ web installed products/ vendor landscape
    • People related: Corp titles/ locations/ experience/ job summaries/ skills/ org charts etc
    •  Contact data

What does Account Tab on Scoring & Enrichment Page define?

The account tab enriches the selected account details from the 10,000 +attributes tracked by Maroon(firmographics, technographics, financial etc.)


  • Enrich your prospect with Maroon’s data cloud. Enrichment areas:
  • Firmographics/ financials/ technographics
  • Real-time updates to any changes to account data updates
  • Appear very well researched to your prospects using all our Account tabs fields.

Does Maroon score define the propensity of conversion of an entire account or for the specific products of the account ?

Maroon’s predictive scores are determined for your specific portfolios for each of your accounts in the CRM/SFA to help you identify the portfolio specific insights, signals & attributes to hyper-target  & personalize the campaigns with relevant content & messages across all channels to achieve higher Marketing ROI, shorter sales cycle & higher conversions.This is one of the biggest competitive edge that makes Maroon stand out from our competitors

What does A,B,C ….grades signify in the Scoring & Enrichment Page?

Maroon Grade A signifies that the selected prospect for your specific portfolio has the highest propensity to convert determining the positive & negative attributes , activities , account details & relevant contacts .The propensity of conversion goes declining as the score changes from A – E.

Can we get a different Maroon score for the same account for different products?

Yes.Since Maroon gives you a portfolio /product specific score for an account, the grades can vary anywhere from A – E for different portfolios within an account to hyper-target the accounts better with relevant content & messages which resonates with them.

Can we get a customized Maroon Score for our each portfolio for current prospects in the CRM?

Yes. You can choose the drop down to select from the available portfolios & get a customized view of Maroon score of the prospects for your selected portfolio.

Predictive Classification

What is Predictive Classification?

Predictive classification is used to determine the feature-based classification of the category of each portfolio, the competitive landscape on various parameters & the attributes (Firmographics, Technographics, Financials,Marketing etc.) of your account.

How does Predictive classification add value?

  • Predictive classification provides deep insights on your competitive landscape through various customized graphs, charts on parameters such as market share, digital presence, category leaders, customer segment, industry etc. which in turn can help you redefine your various marketing & sales strategies to better personalize your campaigns with relevant content & messages with an Omnichannel strategy to nurture current prospects & target new accounts achieve.
  • It also helps you to identify the top contributing features for your product category & the various subcategories that your specific products fall under.
  • It gives you a combined view of the various attributes under your firmographics, marketing & financial attributes, indicators.







What is Category classification?

Category classification is used to classify the subcategories that a particular product of your account falls under.

What is Feature Classification?

Feature classification determines the top features of the last subcategory that your product falls under.

What does Firmographics section define?

Firmographics section determines the key indicators of the account such as the size of the company, industry, employees, location etc.

What does Marketing section define?

The marketing section of the predictive classification determines the view of the various indicators of digital & marketing presence of the account.

What does Financials section define?

The financial section provides an overview of the financial insights of the account (revenues, budgets etc.)

What does Competitive landscape define?

Competitive landscape provides a single view of the comparison of the product & account on various parameters such as the digital presence, market share, reviews etc. to its competitors.



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