Pre Built Domain Knowledge

Multi Dinensional Data Extraction

Non Liner Context Discovery

10k+ Attributes for Signal Discovery

MASQTM Components

"An effective predictive engine should be smart and discerning to discover all virtues and peccadillo’s about your business, prospects, competitors."

Is Your Organization Predictive Ready?

Pre built domain Knowledge

A unique combination of human intelligence and the latest edge market research tools to create the largest adaptive business taxonomy. Comprising of firmographics, business and behavioral data fields. With more than 7000 unique industry classifications, we locate your place in the industry map better than anyone else.

Our proprietary algorithms come loaded with this intelligence to deliver you disruptive value.

Synchronize Data
Synchronize Data

Multi Dimensional Data Extraction

We aggregate information about your business from multiple data sources such as customer and analytics data platforms, market automation, salesforce automation platforms, CRM, content sources etc. All this data acts as a golden source for creating more comprehensive ideal customer profiles which come with deep buyer signals.

Non Linear Context Discovery

Our algorithms are non linear classifiers, which behave like tesseracts operating on 10,000+ data attributes associated with each probable account to discover infinite combination of who a qualification could take place. With decision trees to priorities features related attributes and regression and graph algorithms run millions of iterations to come up with insights that could never be spotted by a human eye.

Synchronize Data
Synchronize Data

10,000+ Attributes For signal discovery

We collect and analyze over than 10,000 attributes about businesses. That includes data from our proprietary aggregators and 3rd party commercial data sources. We collect information about business around their firmographic, web and technographic profiles, we collect data about decisions makers and key influencers, financial and social performance indicators along with a whole lot of buyer intent through publications, journals and growth reports.