Learn how Maroon helps you increase the LTR by 30%

Increase your pipeline velocity and transform your sales and marketing functions with the power of machine learning

Build on what you have – Synchronize your existing data

Maroon integrates, mines & analyzes internal data existing in your market automation, salesforce automation, and analytics platforms.

Derive more meaning with abundant datapoints

Every packet of customer data is then compared & infused with more than 12,000 external signals & attributes indicating a prospects interest, intent, social presence and digital footprints, firmographics, web technologies, business attributes, contact info, news and events and more.

Let predictive insights show you the way ahead

Proven predictive models applied to internal and external datasets which can fish out the deepest and most obstinate buyer signals through non-linear machine learning technologies.  

Maroon’s Predictive Lead Score

Predictive Lead Scoring for easy and accurate prioritization

Statistically proven models predicting opportunity scores for each prospect across the product portfolio. Maroon scores allow marketers to identify top prospects from the clutter.

Predictive Intelligence delivered right into your marketing products.

A steady dose of predictive intelligence enriching your marketing automation and salesforce automation systems with any break in experience for your marketers.

Is your organization predictive ready?