Eloqua Integration

Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts

Maroon + Oracle Eloqua: Power Your Acquisition!

Improve your marketing efforts, drive revenue from hyper targeted marketing campaigns and identify high value targets.


  • Increase your conversion rates while filtering out bad leads before they ever hit Eloqua
  • Move faster by routing high scoring leads directly to sales
  • Easily construct predictive nurture campaigns directly from the Campaign Canvas
  • Mine the full spectrum of activity data for behavioural modelling
  • Surface good leads that are getting missed or stuck in nurture

Data driven lead scoring

Contacts and leads attain a score based on their geography, company size, engagement with prior campaigns, etc. They are then routed by the system into specific programs based on their fit, behaviour and score.

Target the right personas

Along with a score, Maroon logs enriched data back into Eloqua, including lead and account firmographic information and technology indicators to further analyse data to create ideal customer personas

Engage in the right Conversations

Data enriched by Maroon remains in the Eloqua canvas for future use to create predictive models based on the insights to create personalized segments for hyper-personalized campaigns.

Is your organization predictive ready?