Hubspot Integration

Use Predictive Data to fuel your Existing Workflow

Keep your marketing and sales databases in perfect harmony!

Maroon offers a plug-n-play HubSpot connector that automatically researches every lead, identifies MQLs and feeds predictive scores into your HubSpot marketing/sales platform.


  • Acquire quick insights enabling the content marketing team
  • Bring about new and good leads that get missed or stuck in the process.
  • Fill the gap between sales and marketing with a common understanding of a ‘good lead’
  • Upsurge your rep productivity by routing high scoring leads to sales team
  • Discover buried opportunities stuck in nurture

Get started like a pro

Anybody can start using the HubSpot-Salesforce integration as it’s easy and requires no technical work – just a straightforward, phone-based setup process

Systems to help your teams get along

With a powerful bi-directional sync, changes in one system are automatically synced to the other. Thereby helping everyone in sales and marketing stay on the same page

Close the loop between marketing and sales.

Use details of Salesforce automation/CRM contacts or accounts to personalize marketing emails, segment your database, or send emails on behalf of a lead’s assigned sales rep

Is your organization predictive ready?