Marketo Integration

Get your sales team focused on the right opportunities that lead to revenue

Add predictive intelligence and profile management to your Marketing Automation platform in a jiffy. Maroon’s pre-built connectors make it incredibly easy to connect your data.


Predictive Scoring

  • Identify MQLs and automatically research every lead
  • Utilize predictive scoring across campaign flows for laser focussed targeting and segmentation
  • Excavate all the activity data for behavioural modelling
  • Get hold of good leads that are stranded while being nurtured

Profile Management

  • Create revenue generating marketing campaigns with valuable insights about prospects
  • Leverage Maroon’s huge expanse of external signals to build hyper-segmented lists
  • Create rich buyer personas to push directly into Marketo

How it helps you stay ahead

Inside information for Sales

Extracts leads from a CRM/data warehouse into Marketo and vice-versa providing your sales team with insights into how a lead or opportunity responds to marketing programs

Invite new opportunities

Adds opportunities from your CRM system to Marketo to run more effective campaigns backed by predictive data resulting in higher ROIs.

Don’t miss a single lead

Event data integration enables attendees be logged in as leads in Marketo as well as Add or remove multiple leads from a specific list

Is your organization predictive ready?