Synchronize Data

Opportunity Assignments

Organizations have problems of abundance of leads, with difficulty in assignment leading to loss of revenue. Only 30% of top leads account for 90% of revenue in any organization and with predictive you have the power to identify the special 30% and assign them to your best performing sales / marketing track.

  • Predictive scoring for accounts and leads.
    • Fit modeling
    • Behavior modeling
    • Classification models
  • Opportunity identification and assignment
  • Intent for marketing/ sales
  • Account enrichment
  • Work flow
  • Opportunity timelines
  • Churn analysis
  • Account and marketing insights

Priotize by Conversion Propensity

Advanced Segmentation Graph


Leads regularly entering the funnel and CAC is being differentially applied based on predictive scoring

X leads entered 70% $ spent on top leads 30% of $ spent on the rest of the leads $$$$ revenue was realized since the over conversion shot up due to focus on high quality leads.

Advanced Segmentation Graph

Without Predictive

Leads regularly coming into the funnel and customer acquisition cost is being applied equally to each lead.

X leads entered
$ marketing budget spent
$$ revenue was realized

Learn about predictive lear scoring

Advacned Segmentation

The problem with treating all inbound leads with equal priority

Less than 9% leads at TOFu qualify for a demo!

  • 01 Lead to revenue ratios affecting unit economics.
  • 02 Low SDR efficiency throwing budget out of hand
Result: No +ve movement

Name:John Doe


Company:Outside of Target group

No. of Employees:1

Calls Made:8

Emails Sent:4

Result- Missed Opportunity, due to no lead prioritization

Name:Rachael Swann

Title:Head of Sales

Company:Inside Target Group

No. of Employees:3,500

Calls Made:0

Emails Sent:1

Treating all leads as equal is robbing you of 27% revenue success?

  • 01 No lead segmentation for personalized targeting.
  • 02 All leads flowing through the same personalized marketing funnel.

LineIntent helps enable predictive lead scoring by discovering prospect and external enrichment of about 10,000+ business attributes

Identify your account and lead personas

LineIntent understands your context by analyzing customers and segments based on demographic, financial, business and behavioral data.

Name:Mark Shell

Title:CIO - Infra

Customer Fit

  • - Segment:Very High

  • - Reason:No. Employees 2000

  • Industry:Advertising

Name:Anna Hathaway

Top priority lead

  • - Segment:Very High

  • - LineIntent Score:92

  • - Model Validation:Actively searching for relevant articles, high skill availability

Score and enrich your inbound to only chase prospects who are likely to buy

LineIntent’s predictive engine will score, enrich and prioritize your inbound with over 10,000+ business attributes about your prospects