Predictive 2.0 Classification

info_graph-1ARE THEY GOING TOPURCHASE FROM YOU?Customers are the ultimate game changers.They have the option to purchase from you or from the many other competitors that flood your product category.With predictive 2.0 classification, you have the visibility into what your prospects are receiving from your competitive landscape so that you can stay ahead of the curve.Derive accountintent for marketingDetermine time to buy for prospectsFeatures and attribute prioritizationKnow yourcompetitive advantage

How P2C Works

Unleash the power of Maroon’s Predictive 2.0 classification to discover your best selling points and map requirements of your prospects at a feature and attribute level from one of the largest taxonomy of products, categories, features, engagement models, pricing & attributes. Stay ahead of the curve & get deep intent insights with an entirely different model of scoring and prioritizing accounts.

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What P2C provides

Know your competitive advantage

Use the power of predictive 2.0 classification to know everything about your comperirive landscape and map your prospect’s journey within the competitive landscape.

Predict time of buy

Predicting the time a prospect is likely to buy can provide a significant advantage by advancing customer winning strategies and also impacting the CAC positively

Feature and attribute prioritization

Prioritize features and attributes that matter to your prospects. Build intelligent personalization while prospecting to beat your competition. Stay ahead of the curve.

Inter for Marketing though P2 C

Derive verifiable intent about your priority account. Understand the quantification of your products value proposition to the buyer. Use this for targeted conversations.

Quick Facts

Penetration in Global ICT domain

Increase in Lead-to-Customer ratio

of leads enriched with actionable insights

Increase in ROI on marketing spend