Predictive Intent

Realize up to 23% lift in L2R with intent-based targeting for sales & marketing
Intent for marketing
Intent for Sales
Prospect DNA™

Intent for marketing

Helping marketers spot intent-to-buy as early as possible


What was the intent of each site visitor or each email opened? not just what the person happened to click on. Tracking and monitoring all activities that your target prospect does internally and externally provides an indication of preference, level of interest and true intent.

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Gain a deep understanding of the context of each visitor’s interests and intent and ultimately predict the accounts buying propensity. Which products or content are of most interest and what could be underlying opportunity lying in this interest? Leverage MASQ’s context discovery capability which tracks site metadata to understand the visitor’s preferences and also assess sentiment of target account across multiple external channels to predict the who, what and when questions related to marketing.

True Intent™

Discovery of buyer intent, which is aggregated by tracking web-based impressions from multiple external B2B content sources, these impressions are then matched to corresponding account domains and built into named accounts. Spike, when discovered, validates the old adage of “finding a needle” in the haystack”. We use IP tracking to triangulate account IDs

Asset 1Account: 1 - Searching for CRMAccount: 2 - Evaluating for CDNAccount: 3 - Needs a predictive solutionIntent spike grid

“The product works well with intent by bringing together multiple dimensions into a single form attributing a lift. This is helpful as we look to directly incorporate this data into our sales and marketing funnels.”

– Raunaq Bathija, Marketing Insights,

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Intent for sales

Load intent into opportunities and enrich with relevant attributes

Intent for opportunity sizing
Estimate the size of the opportunity and time for conversion of an opportunity into a customer. Uniquely segment your opportunities with revenue potential, propensity for conversion, highest retention grade prospects etc
Intent for cross sell/ up sell
Score and prioritize all opportunities and customers for cross sell and up sell potential. Enriching accounts with relevant details to make them qualification ready, discovering cross-sell opportunities extrinsically and internally
Intent for segmentation
Create advanced segments of your accounts across multiple parameters such as revenue success, execution ability, new territory, target industries. Know how you stack up against competitive landscape and drive effective sales campaigns.

Named accounts for targeted ABM campaigns

Jump start your ABM campaigns on your existing accounts with building portfolio based named account lists. MASQ™ automatically creates a deep ideal customer profile after mining and modeling transactional, marketing and external data. The product loads additional decision makers and intent on portfolio opportunities which are then made available to you for downloads through prospect DNA parameters.

Initiating ABM campaigns in the most efficient manner keeping in view of structural complexities is a norm and not a niche with Maroon’s ABM playbooks.

Enrich with relevant attributes

Fills data voids
Enrichment is crucial in filling up data voids by providing complementing insights into a lead’s needs, interests, and intent and combining data from unstructured information culled from the open and social web enhancing the ability of a scoring mechanism to perform logical segmentation, directing you to your best sales opportunities.
Actionable insights
Maroon’s predictive analytics platforms features advanced technology to transform unstructured data from the web into a usable format that is actionable with the most up-to-date information.
Enhance signals
Enrichment done on a continuous basis and in real time taking into account rapidly changing indicators from web sources that can influence scoring frameworks. Ongoing lead enrichment helps sales and marketing teams high values leads based on an integrated view that accounts for a wide range of factors.
Increase in pipeline velocity 40%
Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities 25%
Reduced churn rate 40%
Increase in qualified lead to sales 50%

AI predicts the future, Maroon helps you create it.

Prospect DNA™

Identify the unique attributes of your most relevant prospects that are most likely to convert through Maroon’s Prospect DNA. It helps you to identify, define & quantify the lift of each attribute which can be a key towards achieving goals across all functions.(Marketing ROI – CMO, CRR Lift – CRO, Sales cycle reductions for SDR’s etc)

hhAsset 2hhIdentify key attributesdriving a reduction in yoursales cycleIdentify key attributes ofprospect driving a the highest marketing ROIIdentify key attributes ofprospect which are drivingthe highest CRR liftWhat are the attributesthat have provided you the highest portfolio specific lift Export key accounts providingthe highest qualifications within customizable parametersDiscover intricate detailsabout your marketing, story and revenue stories

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