Opportunity Assignment

Organizations have problems of abundance of leads, with difficulty in assignment leading to loss of revenue. Only 30% of top leads account for 90% of revenue in any organization and with predictive you have the power to identify the special 30% and assign them to your best performing sales / marketing track.

  • Predictive scoring for accounts and leads.
    • Fit modeling
    • Behavior modeling
    • Classification models
  • Opportunity identification and assignment
  • Intent for marketing/ sales

Is your organization predictive ready?

Intent For Marketing

Helping marketers spot intent-to-buy as early as possible


What was the intent of each site visitor or each email opened? not just what the person happened to click on. Tracking and monitoring all activities that your target prospect does internally and externally provides an indication of preference, level of interest and true intent.

Data Plain
Asset 5Hiring IndicatorsOrganizational ChartsPortfolio matchingGeographyBudgetsAccount SentimentIndustry SentimentPredictive ClassificationNamed Account: A1


Gain a deep understanding of the context of each visitor’s interests and intent and ultimately predict the accounts buying propensity. Which products or content are of most interest and what could be underlying opportunity lying in this interest? Leverage MASQ’s context discovery capability which tracks site metadata to understand the visitor’s preferences and also assess sentiment of target account across multiple external channels to predict the who, what and when questions related to marketing.

True IntentTM

Discovery of buyer intent, which is aggregated by tracking web-based impressions from multiple external B2B content sources, these impressions are then matched to corresponding account domains and built into named accounts. Spike, when discovered, validates the old adage of "finding a needle" in the haystack. We use IP tracking to triangulate account IDs