Opportunity Assignment

Organizations have problems of abundance of leads, with difficulty in assignment leading to loss of revenue. Only 30% of top leads account for 90% of revenue in any organization and with predictive you have the power to identify the special 30% and assign them to your best performing sales / marketing track.

  • Predictive scoring for accounts and leads.
    • Fit modeling
    • Behavior modeling
    • Classification models
  • Opportunity identification and assignment
  • Intent for marketing/ sales

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Intent For Sales

Intent for opportunity sizing

Estimate the size of the opportunity and time for conversion of an opportunity into a customer. Uniquely segment your opportunities with revenue potential, propensity for conversion, highest retention grade prospects etc.

Intent for cross sell / up sell

Score and prioritize all opportunities and customers for cross sell and up sell potential. Enriching accounts with relevant details to make them qualification ready, discovering cross-sell opportunities extrinsically and internally

Intent for segmentation

Create advanced segments of your accounts across multiple parameters such as revenue success, execution ability, new territory, target industries. Know how you stack up against competitive landscape and drive effective sales campaigns.

Named accounts for targeted ABM campaigns

Jump start your ABM campaigns on your existing accounts with building portfolio based named account lists. MASQ™ automatically creates a deep ideal customer profile after mining and modeling transactional, marketing and external data. The product loads additional decision makers and intent on portfolio opportunities which are then made available to you for downloads through prospect DNA parameters.

How about your potential customers, the better you can deliver relevant messaging to the right people at the right time. Use this worksheet to identify key traits for the various descision.

ABM Overview Sheet
Industry Company Size Revenue
Company Name 1 Mid Size, employees 100-500 $50M
Company Name 2 Big Size, employees 5001-1000 $800M
Named Accounts
Named Accounts Targeted Personas
(Department, Job Title)
Campaign Content Assets (Key pieces of content & creative required to leverage or create the campaigns)
Webinar Video Testimonials Customer Case Studies
Keywords in that particular industry
Personas or decision makers
Editor articles published, context, keywords topics covered

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Enrich with relevant attributes

Fills data voids

Enrichment is crucial in filling up data voids by providing complementing insights into a lead’s needs, interests, and intent and combining data from unstructured information culled from the open and social web enhancing the ability of a scoring mechanism to perform logical segmentation, directing you to your best sales opportunities.

Actionable insights

LineIntent’s predictive analytics platforms features advanced technology to transform unstructured data from the web into a usable format that is actionable with the most up-to-date information.

Enhance signals

Enrichment done on a continuous basis and in real time taking into account rapidly changing indicators from web sources that can influence scoring frameworks. Ongoing lead enrichment helps sales and marketing teams high values leads based on an integrated view that accounts for a wide range of factors.