Opportunity Assignment

Organizations have problems of abundance of leads, with difficulty in assignment leading to loss of revenue. Only 30% of top leads account for 90% of revenue in any organization and with predictive you have the power to identify the special 30% and assign them to your best performing sales / marketing track.

  • Predictive scoring for accounts and leads.
    • Fit modeling
    • Behavior modeling
    • Classification models
  • Opportunity identification and assignment
  • Intent for marketing/ sales

Is your organization predictive ready?

Prospect DNATM

Identify the unique attributes of your most relevant prospects that are most likely to convert through LineIntent’s Prospect DNA. It helps you to identify, define & quantify the lift of each attribute which can be a key towards achieving goals across all functions.(Marketing ROI – CMO, CRR Lift – CRO, Sales cycle reductions for SDR’s etc)

Discover intricate details about your marketing, story and revenue stories
Export key accounts providing the highest qualifications within customizable parameters
What are the attributes that have provided you the highest portfolio specific lift
Marketing insights, spend analytics, client side technologies Identify key attributes of prospect which are driving the highest CRR lift
Identify key attributes of prospect driving a the highest marketing ROI
Identify key attributes driving a reduction in your sales cycle