Predictive Lead Scoring

The information in your CRM is limited by the scope of lead interactions, behaviour and activities in the realm of your automation system. Maroon’s additional data signals augment the existing datasets to help arrive at a new improved score based on social presence, company size, technology choices and buying behaviour, expanding insights well beyond the CRM’s reach.

Find your best fit
Maroon examines the engagement information around each prospect deeply and identifies those whose fit and behavior most closely resemble a likely customer.
Unique predictive models
Our predictive models are based on your custom business needs, whether you are a startup that is growing rapidly or a mature organization looking to break into a certain segment.
Biggest revenue impact
Context discovery coupled with machine learning techniques provides an accurate score to make an informed decision while finding which leads are likely to convert and become customers.

Increase in pipeline velocity 40%
Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities 25%
Reduced churn rate 40%
Increase in qualified lead to sales 50%

AI predicts the future, Maroon helps you create it.