Understand your prospect’s POV
Enrich and score your inbound, market to those who are likely to buy.

Your sales team is missing data it needs to prioritize leads

Your reps waste time on unqualified leads

Some leads don’t fit your customer profile.

Others will never close because they won’t use your product

Wasted time - no budget

Name:Bob NoBudget


Company:Bob's Little Company

No. Employees:1

Calls Made:10

Emails Sent:5

Missed opportunity - great lead never contacted



Company:SuperBig co.

No. Employees:10,000

Calls Made:0

Emails Sent:0

Your reps miss high-potential leads

Sales can miss great leads because reps have an incomplete view of the customer.

Maroon identifies your best customers using in-app behavior & demographic data

Identify your best leads

Maroon analyzes your customers and segments leads based on demographic data like title, industry, and size.

Name:Gary Greatlead


Customer Fit

  • - Segment:Very High

  • - Reason:No. Employees 2000

  • Industry:Advertising

Name:Delighted Darlene

Likely to Buy

  • - Segment:Very High

  • - Score:92

  • - Reason:Invited 7 users last 3 days, connected gmail account

Close leads faster by knowing who is ready to buy

Maroon aggregates your customers’ in-app behavior to identify those who are ready to buy.