Real Time Enrichment

Tap into the vast potential of Maroon’s external data signals that complement your existing CRM data by adding information around social behaviour, intent, web technologies, location and firmographics almost accurately predicting the overall disposition and behaviour of a certain prospect

Fills data voids
Enrichment is crucial in filling up data voids by providing complementing insights into a lead’s needs, interests, and intent and combining data from unstructured information culled from the open and social web enhancing the ability of a scoring mechanism to perform logical segmentation, directing you to your best sales opportunities.
Actionable insights
Maroon’s predictive analytics platforms features advanced technology to transform unstructured data from the web into a usable format that is actionable with the most up-to-date information.
Enhance signals
Enrichment done on a continuous basis and in real time taking into account rapidly changing indicators from web sources that can influence scoring frameworks. Ongoing lead enrichment helps sales and marketing teams high values leads based on an integrated view that accounts for a wide range of factors.
Increase in pipeline velocity 40%
Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities 25%
Reduced churn rate 40%
Increase in qualified lead to sales 50%

AI predicts the future, Maroon helps you create it.